And so it begins…

Tomorrow I follow in the footsteps of many 20-something Australian’s before me, and hop on a plane destined for Europe. Why am I travelling 32 hours to attend a Spanish language school? Quite simply it is so that I can graduate uni. I have one subject left of my degree, due to dropping statistics out of protest that such a subject exists back in first year. Because I knew this summer unit would fall at the end of my degree I decided to go out with a bang and leave the country to complete it. This was further confirmed when I found out that if I did this Spanish course I would be in Spain at the same time as my best friend Laura and her husband Dave.

I am very excited about my impending adventure, but there is also that small little part of my mind that sometimes wonders to think about the fact that I will hop off a plane that has transported my to the other side of the globe to a foreign country of which I cannot, at this stage, speak the language. Admittedly this thought mainly pops into my mind when I have been practicing my Spanish in the last few weeks and exploding my brain trying to remember millions (well millions is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels like a lot) of variations of verbs changing with different tenses. Learning a language, I am quite sure, will never be a walk in the park.

These small times of nerves however are hugely outweighed by how excited I will be to walk through the departure gate and jump out into the big wide world by myself. I hopefully will be able to keep you all updated here on how this adventure is going. Also feel free to pop over to my flickr account because I’ll probably upload some photos over there as I go.


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