The journey so far.

It has taken a while for me to actually let the Internet know what I have been up to for the last week-and-a-halfish, largely due to a lack of time and a lack of internet access. But here it is, my first actual blog post from Spain. So many things have happened since I arrived in this beautiful country, and they can be broken up into three main parts, the (significantly long) journey from the land down under to Spain, my brief but wonderful time in Madrid and then now this last week and a bit in Seville. For the sake of not writing an essay for you all to plough through I will keep this post to my adventures since I’ve been in Seville, and I hope I will have time at a later stage to back track and post about Madrid. 


I am staying in Seville with a lady named Angeles and her dog Duque. I arrived at her apartment smack bang in the middle of a family lunch (at 4pm) because my course happened to start right at the time of a large Spanish fiesta, Fiesta de Los Reyes, which is when Spanish children receive their Christmas presents. If you want to experience culture shock I suggest you yourself arrive at a random Spanish house during the middle of a fiesta, not understanding anything anyone is saying. A large part of this fiesta involves a huge parade with marching bands and the largest amount of lollies I have ever seen. The parade happened to go down the street I live on so we just stood on the balcony watching a hail storm of lollies rain down on the crowds below. 


The following morning I begun at the language school. I don’t really know what I was expecting with the language school but everything is in Spanish. I now am actually very pleased about this because I think it has meant that I have been learning much quicker than I would have if things were always explained in Spanish. For example if I want to ask a question about the work in class, I have to ask in Spanish, so just doing things like this and constantly listening to Spanish being spoken to me kind of forces me to understand. After 17 years of education I thought I was probably sick of learning by now, but I am immensely enjoying learning a language. There have been a few moments that sum up why I am enjoying it so much. When I was in Córdoba the other day (more on that later) I read a sign and wonder why they had written exactly the same thing twice. After a second I realised it was because the sign had said something in Spanish, and then directly underneath had the English translation. The other moment was when I realised that I was accidentally eavesdropping (and understanding) on a conversation next to me on a bus, and that conversation was in Spanish. Needless to say it is so exciting gradually understanding more and more things each day. 


Seville itself is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been, and I have the pleasure of exploring it for a month! If you google image Seville you will see what I mean, but just increase that by at least 10 times as photos can obviously never capture a place as well as actually being there. Two days ago I signed up for the bike share program in Seville. Check out my latest Instagram for a photo of the bikes. This has revolutionised how I can explore this city. the city is actually quite large, so it would take a long time to explore a lot of places by foot. The bike means that I can cover a lot more ground. And there is something so fun about the cool air rushing past as I cruise the streets, seeing something new with every cobblestoned turn. Unfortunately I don’t have internet in the apartment I’m living in, so I haven’t had a chance to upload any photos yet, but stay tuned. 


In the near future I plan to also blog about Madrid, Córdoba and Ronda, but just quickly these are all amazing places. If anyone has a trip to Spain planned I highly recommend these places, as well as Seville of course. 


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