That time I hung out with Christopher Columbus.

How did I hang out with a person who died many years ago? Well I visited his tomb if you can call that hanging out. CC, as I have decided to call him, is actually buried right here in Seville in the cathedral I walk past everyday. I discovered this the other day when I visited the cathedral with two friends. I didn’t know this before coming here but La Catedral de Sevilla is one of the three biggest cathedrals in the world, along with the Vatican and St Paul’s. The cathedral also has a tower which you can climb, from the top of which you have amazing views of Seville. We happened to be up the tower as it ticked over to 4pm (I think), so we were up there when the bells went off. The noise up there, directly under the bells, was incredible! I can actually explain the cathedral better with photos (yay for wifi!) so here is a small sample.


I think I will try and keep my blog posts shorter from now on just to break it up a bit for everyone, but just to tickle your tastebuds, I plan to blog about Real Alcazar de Sevilla in the near future and I’m going to go out on a limb and say its the most incredible manmade place I have ever been.


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