And we’ll never be royals…

This is the story of an Australian girl who casually decided one Sunday morning to visit a place she had heard was significant to Seville, El Real Alcazar de Sevilla. If you have read my previous post you will be aware that I left a spoiler saying that I thought El Real Alcazar was the most incredible manmade place I have ever been. Even writing this almost two weeks after I actually visited, I stand by those words.  

Having never been to a country that has been Islamic for any period of time, I have never really experienced Islamic architecture in real life. The day I visited El Real Alcazar that changed. Because I was by myself this particular day I was able to wander aimlessly around the many grand yet unique rooms of the Alcazar in complete silence and awe. It was just me and my camera turning corners never knowing what we were about to stumble across. Would it be a room that later in the Alcazars life had been turned into a Catholic chapel, or would it be a grand royal bedroom completely covered in the most intricate mosaics and patterns I had ever seen or would it be a shaded courtyard with orange trees, vines and a fountain? I wander through the maze of a building the Alcazar is for a good hour completely in a little world of my own filled with the memories these walls held of so much of Spain’s history.

Coming out of this magnificent building, however, was by no means disappointing, because the gardens waiting outside for me to discover were just as amazing. The sun was shining and it was almost the warmest part of the day so wandering through the perfectly trimmed hedges was just as magical. It is not hard to imagine Spanish royalty strolling along these paths as they take a turn in the garden. There is even a hedge maze there, but unfortunately it was closed so I wasn’t able to feel like Harry Potter in The Goblet of Fire.

As always, photos can never truly do justice to a place like this, but here are a few I took.


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