¡Husta luego Sevilla!

Very early on the 1st of Feb I hopped in a cab and made my way over my bridge and through the city I have come to love for the last time. This was not a farewell, but a goodbye for now. For my last blog post about this city I have decided to compile a list of things I will and will not miss about this beautiful city.

  • will miss – orange trees lining literally every single street. You cannot escape their citrusy smell filling the air, and they provide quite a bit of entertainment if you manage to see one fall off the tree onto to head of an unsuspecting pedestrian below.
  • wont miss – the toilet paper situation. Yes this blog just delved to a new low, but this needs to be said. Many of the buildings in Seville do not have plumbing that can handle toilet paper, so much of the time you are not allowed to flush your toilet paper, but have to place it in a little bin provided. I will let your imagination fill in the details of the joys this system brings.
  • will miss – the bicycles. The centre of Seville is largely pedestrian and bike only, and even when you have to go on a road there is normally a bike lane anyway. This combined with the fact Seville is quite flat and the bicycle sharing system (Sevici) makes this a beautiful, scenic and extremely easy method of travel.
  • wont miss – the pharmacy situation. You cannot buy things like paracetamol, vitamin tablets, Soothers, etc in supermarkets in Spain, and therefore have to go to a pharmacy for all of these very basic health related things. This means that it is more expensive but this is not the only hurdle. The way pharmacies work in Spain is also different. There is no ‘shop’ part as such, just a counter. This means that whatever you are after you have to just go up to the counter and ask the pharmacist for whatever you are after. Like getting a script but for everything. This means that you can’t shop around and see what is available and the different prices, etc. When you have limited ability to communicate in Spanish anyway this makes a trip to get some vitamin c tablets quite an ordeal.
  • will miss – the architecture. Seville is a lovely mix of European and Arabic architecture. I can’t even describe in a short amount of words what this specifically means, but hopefully my photos can speak for me on this one.
  • will miss – the street performers. Because I walked down the main drag of the city at least 4 times a day, I felt like I got to know all of the street performers personally. From the entertaining to the amazing to the down right creepy, they all had their own little personalities. Even though I never spoke to them they felt so familiar, like old friends.
  • wont miss – Spanish roads/drivers/road rules/roundabouts. Apparently Spain has the most fatal car accidents out of the whole of the EU, which I don’t doubt even for a moment. This is sometimes scary as a pedestrian, a little more as a cyclist, but overwhelmingly change-of-underwear-scary as a driver.
  • will miss – tapas every night. All aspects of tapas are the best thing ever. The variety is amazing. The atmosphere is buzzing. The beer can be as little as €0.80 a glass. You are not restricted to always buying the same amount of food, but can taylor it to how hungry you are (normally in Australia I am stuck paying for a meal I can never finish).
  • will miss – tortilla de patatas. Even though I have already mentioned tapas as something I will miss, this particular tapa needed to be singled out. It is nothing special, but it is always an available tapa and is just such a yummy little bit of food.
  • will miss – language school 5 days a week. Learning Spanish has got to be one of the funnest things I have ever intentionally set out to learn.
  • wont miss – eating breakfast at a normal time, and then not eating lunch until between 2:30 and 3pm. Even though I got used to this after about a week, sometimes it gets to about 12 or 1 and you are just so hungry but still have quite a while to wait for a meal.
  • will miss – having the middle meal as the biggest of the day. I think that science probably backs this up but it just seems better to not eat a huge meal just before bed.
  • will miss – the new friends I made. These people helped make this such a fun adventure, and kept me sane when toilet paper or pharmacies or Spanish divers could have easily got the better of me.

I could probably keep writing this list forever, but I have already written over 800 words (so well done for making it this far) so I will leave it there. Since leaving Seville I have been staying with Laura and Dave in Oviedo (in northern Spain), and I will update you all on those adventures hopefully in the near future.

¡Husta pronto Australia!


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